A harsh lesson for Howard Quayle

Paul Speller muses on a harsh lesson for Chief Minister Howard Quayle in his latest Grapevine column for Business365 magazine.

After a bumpy few weeks where the chief appeared unable to take his foot out of his mouth, Paul offers his thoughts in the December edition of the magazine.

You can read the digital edition here.

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Racket over the packet comes a little late

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Racket over the Packet came a little late


Paul Speller has called  out MHKs for being too late to start expressing concern about the future of the Steam Packet.

In his Grapevine column in the latest edition of Business365, Paul points out that concerns expressed over the government’s decision to buy the Isle of Man Steam Packet might not have been such a worry if Tynwald members had bothered to debate the sea services strategy a year earlier.

You can read the June edition of Business365 online here.

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Is Tynwald an echo chamber?

In his latest Grapevine column for Business365, Paul Speller asks whether Tynwald has become the latest echo chamber.

Paul says it is time to end the self-congratulation that has started to pervade and warns that the public want more from their politicians.

You can read the December edition of Business365 here.

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The Almanack is back! More of Paul’s predictions in Business365

trumppicDespite a disastrous lack of foresight 12 months ago, Paul Speller has dusted off his Almanack once more to make some predictions for his Grapevine Column in the latest Business365 magazine.

Rather dangerously, he claims that 2017 cannot be any worse than 2016.

Find out if you agree with any of his predictions by taking a look at the online version of Business365 here.

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Politics and the media: A study in narcissism

The new edition of Business365 is out now.

In his latest Grapevine column, Paul Speller examines the bubble in which those in media and politics operates and concludes that a major driving force is narcissism.

Grapevine screengrab.kpg

Also in the March issue, Paul interviews Dean Johnson, the new chief of the Isle of Man Special Constabulary, who combines that role with his day job as a pilot for Flybe.

Business365 is delivered to all Isle of Man businesses and can also be read online here.

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Meeting the world’s coolest bad guy

Paul Speller talks to Boba Fett impersonator Mike Quayle in the February edition of Business365.Mike Quayle as Boba Fett

By day, Mike works for cabling company Argon, but in his spare time, he becomes Boba Fett and teams up with friends from Manx Troopers to raise money for charity by dressing up as Star Wars characters.

You can read the full interview online here.

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