Paul Speller agrees deal to publish short story

Paul Speller has reached a deal with an Australian publisher to use a short story he has written.

The piece will appear in the October edition of Dimension6, a free digital magazine that comes out three times a year. It will also be included in an e-book anthology of all the Dimension6 stories at the end of 2017, which will be available for £1.20.

Launched in 2014, Dimension6 is from the coeur de lion publishing stable and features the ‘best new stories from established authors and fresh voices from Australia and overseas’.

coeur de lion is a multi-award winning speculative fiction publisher based in Australia. Its published works have won three Aurealis Awards, two Ditmars, a Sir Julius Vogel Award and a World Fantasy Award.

Paul 2

Dimension6 is edited by Keith Stevenson, coeur de lion’s publisher and editor and a past editor of Aurealis Magazine.

Dimension6 is available to download instantly on publication from and many other internet sites, in a variety of online formats, including Kindle.

The annual collection, in Kindle format, can also be bought on Amazon.

Sign up to the Dimension6 mailing list and receive email notification of each new issue.

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Author: Paul Speller

Writer, journalist, husband, dad.

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