Paul Speller wins fiction contest with ‘chilling’ short story

Paul 1Paul Speller has won a fiction competition in the UK’s best-selling magazine for writers after penning a story with what the judges described as a ‘chilling last-minute twist’.

Baby Blue Eyes is the tale of a young mother and her infant child and what happens one bedtime.

It won an open competition, for short stories of a maximum of 1,000, words in Writing Magazine.

The story has been published online here and will feature in the January edition of Writing Magazine.

The judges commented: ‘Winner Paul Speller presents us with a single scene of tenderness between mother and child, letting the back-story emerge slowly through the reflections of our close third-person viewpoint character.

‘Zooming in like this allows Paul the luxury of revelling in the details that colour the character of our unnamed mother so effectively, but also masking the clues, peppered throughout, to the chilling last-minute twist.’

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Writer, journalist, husband, dad.
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