Press Release: Pop in for a pop-up at the Family Library

Pop in for a pop-up at the Family Library over the next month!

The library, next to the children’s playground in Westmoreland Road, Douglas, is staging an exhibition to show pop-up books ranging from children’s favourites to fabulous and intricate Star Wars books.

Pop Up BookLibrarian in charge Mary Cousins said: ‘We all remember pop-up books from when we were children, but how many of us thought of the skill that went into them.

‘Pop-up books are examples of paper engineering that can amaze and educate in equal quantity.

‘From the straight forward, fun lift-the-flap books that have always been popular, to educational series for children, all the way through to astonishingly complex pop-up books on everything from superheroes to dinosaurs.

‘It is fascinating to see how this genre has evolved and how it can add to the reading experience.’

The exhibition gets underway on March 3 and runs until April 4. So make sure you find the time to pop in to see it!

To keep up to date with extra activities related to the exhibition, as well as all the other events at the Family Library, visit or take a look at the Family Library page on Facebook.

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