Time to start the Manx television revolution

This article first appeared in the Manx Advertiser.

Amazing Greys: Not a good television programme

Amazing Greys: Not a good television programme

We are still waiting for the true television revolution in the Isle of Man.

There has been online video entertainment by Manx people for Manx people, but as yet we don’t have full blown Manx TV.

It can’t be long before that changes though, because the way ITV appears to be going, the cost of making a television programme good enough to get exposure on one of the major television channels is plummeting quicker than David Moyes’ opinion of some of his former Manchester United charges.

Surely, we in the Isle of Man, can rival some of the ‘entertainment’ that ITV puts forward these days?

Two recent offerings have been Amazing Greys – in which members of the public are pitted against doddery shadows of former famous people in a bid to see who can be most patronising to the elder generation – and Big Star’s Little Star, a cheaper version of Family Fortunes in which C list celebrities use their children to get them onto national television.

I’ve already pitched, many times, a fly on the wall documentary series about the Department of Infrastructure, but for some reason my concept for The Magic Roundabout keeps getting turned down, even when I added in cycle lanes.

There’s been a bit of a row about the inability of people to understand what was being said in the recent BBC drama Jamaica Inn. Well, Manx Radio has been airing incomprehensible mutterings for years, with its broadcasts of Tynwald debates. It’s no great leap to transfer that to the telly.

Manx Embarrassing Bodies could feature the worst quangos and committees to have been set up within these shores.

For the big movie, Quantum of Solace would look at what were people’s feelings after one of Eddie Teare’s budgets.

And we could revamp a quiz show, designed purely for politicians. In it, they would be challenged to come up with some good ideas and write them down. The name? Blankety Blank.

On a roll: Piers Morgan

On a roll: Piers Morgan

Would we be able to tempt Piers Morgan to come to the Isle of Man to do one of his Life Stories? If we were successful, we should also take the opportunity to stick him in a barrel and roll him down Slieau Whallian.

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