Magazine published to celebrate Island of Culture 2014

IOC COVER WITH SHADOWA special magazine, to celebrate Island of Culture 2014, has been published by Bridson & Horrox, with the vast majority of editorial penned by Paul Speller.

As well as cover star Samantha Barks, the magazine features interviews by Paul with the likes of blues guitar ace Davy Knowles, top artist Svetlana Cameron, and best-selling authors Chris Ewan and Alan Bradley.


Local actor Tony Hawkes tells Paul where he’d like some of his ashes to be tipped after his death and there’s also a look at the role of the Villa Marina in Manx entertainment – and a tribute to the man who designed the promenade landmark.

There are also features about Manx folklore, traditional music in the Isle of Man and why the Manx language is still important and relevant.

The magazine also contains pictures from a number of photographers, including Gary Weightman of Vannin Photos, Steve Woodley and Marianne McCourt.


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