Press release: Popular clothes store moves into new home

PS140324 (12) Charles Turner Junior

One of the longest established men’s clothing stores in Douglas has moved into a new home.
Garrey Corneil has this week switched from its familiar location on the corner of Victoria Street and Duke Street into the main shopping concourse in Strand Street.
Part of the Charles Turner group of companies – which includes Intersport – Garrey Corneil is now based two doors down from the sports store.
Charles Turner Junior, a director of the group, said the opportunity to move location arose at the same time as well-known Garrey Corneil store manager Tim Hanks was due to retire.
‘Tim has been with us for 30 years and has done a fantastic job in that time, for which we will always be grateful,’ said Mr Turner. ‘We’re going to miss him, but we’re delighted that the three remaining staff members have made the move.’
The move also signals a widening of the range on offer.
‘With Tim retiring and us moving into Strand Street, we have had an overhaul of the business and, while we will continue to provide the lines that have always been available to our customers , we are broadening our horizons to also try to cater for the 35-45-year-old market,’ said Mr Turner.
‘We want to help the 35 to 45-year-old who can’t find the right shirt, the right blazer or the right jacket.’
Mr Turner, 40, said it was an age group that often found itself neglected in clothing stores.
‘I, like many people my age, look in my wardrobe and find things that I stopped wearing 10 years ago and other clothes that I’d like to wear, but I probably shouldn’t any longer!
‘As well as continuing to serve our existing customers, we want to help that age group with finding the right smart casual clothes.
‘You will still find all the clothes that we had in Victoria Street store, the same ranges – only now we’ll have additional choice.’
From the outside, it may look as though it is a smaller premises, but that is not the case in terms of shop floor space, which is greater on the new site.
Mr Turner said Garrey Corneil’s move into Strand Street may not be the only good news for the shopping centre and that he expected to see more stores open in street in the coming months.
‘There is a movement into Strand Street,’ he said.
He said there was a feeling in retail that there was a growing recognition of the value of personal service in high street stores.
‘As far as high street shopping is concerned, this is the sort of thing that you can’t buy online. This sort of thing you need measuring up for: 42 regular in one line is different from another brand.
‘We can provide a service to help get the right fit and the right style. We have still got the expertise of 25 years in the business.’

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