Dealing with life’s disappointments

This article first appeared in the Manx Advertiser.

I have just been to the gym for the first time in nine months.

Judging by the reading on the scales, I still need to give birth.

While my added weight was not entirely unexpected, I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed.  In spite of all the evidence pointing to the contrary, I was hoping that I had not actually put on that much.

It’s a bit like, despite everything suggesting otherwise, you hope each year that the X Factor will banish the phrase ‘you made it your own’. It’s about as likely to happen as Sharon Osbourne becoming the next face of Clinique.

18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party - Arrivals

One gym fanatic media chum suggested the extra weight I have attained was ‘motivation’. It’s true, I was just hoping for a little less motivation.

Anyway, life is full of these disappointments.

Without wishing to decry its place in the footballing pantheon, I must admit that when, shortly after moving to the Island 23 years ago, I first paid a visit to Ballacloan Stadium in Ramsey, I felt I had been misled a little by the terminology. And this is from someone who grew up watching Stockport County at Edgeley Park.

I should point out at this stage that if you pay a visit to the home of Ramsey AFC these days – or even just look up the venue on – it’s got a much more impressive air about it. Still not sure about the word stadium, although I guess it makes it easier for some smaller groups to describe their music as stadium rock.

I used to find Glen Vine rather disappointing. These days it does not trouble me so much, partly because now that Crosby has lost its post office, it’s not got much over on its nearest neighbour.

There was a time when the quality of political debate – both here and in the UK – used to disappoint me, but the truth is now that expectations are so low that I only find the biggest sneers from David Cameron disappointing, while if Ed Miliband ever stopped sounding like the Blackadder version of Pitt the Younger, that would constitute a let down.

As for our own MHKs, what could possibly disappoint any of us who ever has the good fortune to listen to the debating skills of the Island’s finest?

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