Do we need an injection of cool in Tynwald?

The following article first appeared in the Manx Advertiser.

Dudley Butt is, quite possibly, the coolest man in Tynwald.

Not, you may argue, that there is much competition.

Dudley Butt MLC, Tynwald, Google ImagesNevertheless it is not an accolade to be sniffed at, although it is based entirely upon the fact that I saw him rock up at a Department of Health function, fully suited and carrying a motorbike helmet under his arm.

Fortunately, he backed this up by actually having a motorbike to ride. Otherwise it would have been Negative Cool Points.

Judas Priest, Google Images, Yahoo Image SearchAs it is, I like to think that when he arrives for work at Legislative Council, he does it to a backing track of Living After Midnight by Judas Priest.

If he doesn’t, he should and I can lend him the CD.

Now we have established that Dudley Butt is possibly the coolest member of Tynwald, we should add a note that it is much cooler to resign on a matter of principle when the issue first arises, as Dudders did last year, rather than wait to see which way the wind is blowing and hope no one else notices when you try to hide from awkward votes, like some others have tried in the past.

But, are there any others in Tynwald who come close to rivalling the Dudster in terms of coolness?

David Cretney can point to his Manx Grand Prix exploits, no doubt while selling you some household goods at a very reasonable price and speed walking around Douglas, but it’s the Parish Walk training that means he often looks out of puff, so his coolness is diminished.

Speaker Steve Rodan plays the bagpipes. This is only cool in the right time and place. And some would say that’s on your own.

In Legislative Council, if you told most of them they were a bit cool, they’d probably ask for a blanket to wrap around their legs.

Zac Hall may think his pilot’s licence gives him an air of cool, but until he tries wing walking, he’s no Wild One.

Indeed, we have to exclude all the new MHKs who arrived at the last general election from having any chance of being cool. That’s because the most uncool thing of all is thinking that you know a lot more than you actually do.

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