Dancing to the coffee house rock

This is an online version of the latest Manx Advertiser column by Paul Speller.

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I’m sat here trying to write a column and find myself distracted, unnecessarily, by the sounds of Owner of a Lonely Heart, by Yes, playing in the background.

In fairness, it is helping to drown out the interminably dull conversation taking place near to me: something to the effect that farmers aren’t sure what they want any more, a weighty issue that really should be discussed with more dynamism than I’m hearing.

No, I’m not in the Manx Advertiser office where, no disrespect, discussion about the situation the agriculture industry finds itself in is not often on the agenda.

These days, I often adjourn to one of the Island’s many delightful coffee houses to try to focus on some work without distraction. As you can see, it’s working perfectly,

I will not say which coffee house I’m in now, in case I decide to go with my first instinct, which was to mention the fact that I’m certain a woman sat not 10 feet from me has just picked her nose. Discretion is always important.

In these days of free WiFi, it’s not unusual to see some people working in coffee houses. Or, at least, telling the boss they are working before going onto the Scrabble app that they have on their smartphone.

I have been known to make a coffee last nearly 90 minutes, although the last time I did that, I felt so guilty I bought another one, but then realised my time limit was about to run out on the parking disc, so it was left unconsumed.

There was the time I was so engrossed in some research I failed to spot the saucer rise with my coffee cup as I lifted it to drink. Failed to notice, that is, until about a millisecond before it fell down and smashed onto the table. I’ve not had the nerve to go back to that venue yet.

I often make use of coffee house facilities to hold meetings. It’s always best to choose somewhere with particularly bad queuing times that are near disc parking zones. That way, you can be sure of not overdoing the boring chit chat when you have been served finally, as there only remains time to get to the point.

And the good news is the background music has changed to a live version of Down Down by Status Quo. Stop writing, Speller, start rocking….

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