Press Gang reports on porridge theft

PS130622 (4)The first Press Gang workshop for aspiring young reporters was held at the Family Library on Saturday.

Paul Speller hosted the event, for children aged seven-11.

The children learned about what makes news, what sort of attributes a good reporter has, how to construct a good news story and good words to liven up an article.

They then put into practice what they learned by working together with Paul, who has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist, to meet a tough deadline to write a news story.

Between them, the reporters managed to come up with a news ‘angle’ to the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – deciding that, in fact, the real news to the story was that there was a porridge thief on the loose.

You can see a PDF of the news page they produced by clicking the link below.

Press Gang 2 June 22

There was also time for a short question and answer question, with the youngsters practising their reporter skills on Paul.

Afterwards, a number of children and parents expressed interest in similar events in the future.

Paul said he certainly hoped to hold further similar events, looking at different aspects of journalism.

He also thanked everyone at the Family Library for their help in putting on the workshop.

  • We’re interested in any feedback from parents and children about what sort of things future Press Gang events could cover and whether there would be any interest in holding a series of workshops events, concentrating on a different theme each time (eg writing headlines, sport reporting etc).

We would also like to hear from anyone from different age groups who might be interested in an event aimed at them.

You can email your feedback using the form at the bottom of the page.

Follow Paul on Twitter: @Norbertsdad

You can take a look at Paul’s blog here .

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